Vice Chairman thrilled by sponsorship package

Vice Chairman Moses Shumba has praised the 2021 Delta Beverages Premier Soccer League sponsorship package. He believes the sponsorship will help transform the clubs that were affected by Covid-19.

Delta unveiled a US $1.13 million sponsorship package for the 2021 season, covering the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League, Chibuku Super Cup and the Castle Challenge Cup.

The Castle Lager Premier League  gets the bigger chunk with  the US$700 000 package while the Chibuku Super Cup which starts next weekend has a $375 000 sponsorship.

The Castle Challenge Cup which is a clash between the league title winners and the winners of the Chibuku Super Cup has a $55 000 package.

“We commend the commitment exuded by Delta Beverages to continue partnering football for the next three years.

“This comes in the wake of Covid 19 pandemic a supervening impossibility that has affected many. To have an institution pouring funds into football given the current circumstances is indeed reasonable. Some may have reservations on the package at hand. Honestly speaking when one looks back and reflects comparatively what has been rolled shows that there is a remarkable increase in the total sponsorship outlay.

“Whilst Clubs have huge operational costs ,all we need to do is to be content with what is there and for PSL to continue. Through this we will be able to engage our league sponsors for further assistance when clubs face unforeseen challenges as the completion unfolds.

“Well done Delta,well done PSL and to the world please watch out Chazunguza is raring to go.”

The season starts with the Chibuku Super Cup on the 22nd of this month in a cluster format.

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