Musikiri hoping matches resume soon

17-year old midfielder Luke Musikiri admits lockdown restrictions have affected his career and school but has urged players to be patient while awaiting football return.

“I miss football but I prefer to say I miss our world, like I think we all do. Football is just part of my life. We have to be patient, this is a fight that we all have to fight.

“We have to wait for the right permission for us to train again in groups to see if we can come back to a normal competition level.”

Zimbabwe is currently under COVID 19 induced lockdown which led to the  Sports and Recreation Commission suspending sports activity including the Chibuku Super Cup which was being played behind closed doors.

Musikiri is hoping football will resume soon.

“If we play the remaining matches this season it will be good for every one of us. I’m just looking forward to a quick return of football.
“It will be good for football fans for the Premier Soccer League and also for players if we play football behind closed doors.

“We might be playing behind closed doors but with cameras it means that many more are watching. We were so lucky that all matches were being broadcasted. As players we had told ourselves that when we walk into an empty stadium, it will not be empty, football lovers will be with us.

On the education side, Musikiri says it’s all going well as they have accepted the new normal.

” I’m learning online. I have adjusted to it because I know it’s being done for our safety. Yes there’s a difference with learning online and being physically in class. I have also realized that if one really needs to reach their target, they don’t need go be pushed. I’m doing my best with the aid of my teachers. All we need is to learn to live with the virus, as it is not going anywhere.”

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