Loyal fan impressed by changes

Club supporter Molly Banda believes the club has undergone a stunning transformation in and off the field. Top of her list is the social media drive the club has, something she has been wishing to see for years.

Apart from social media, she is impressed by the current squad and how they had performed so far in the paused Chibuku Super Cup.

“I’m happy the club is slowly becoming what we wanted it to be as fans. The current situation at Dynamos makes one feel great to be their follower.

” Personally I have been willing to see functional club social media platforms and it all happened this year. I feel great whenever I see content from the official accounts, giving us correct updates. Since we are not allowed into the stadium, we are covered with the live updates online.”

Banda is also happy that financial linked problems are now thing of the past.

“It’s been long since we heard of strikes at our club which is remarkable. We thank our executive, management and sponsors for the job well done.”

She added that the transformation is being noticed from all angles,

” The transformation did not only happened to the backroom staff but also to the playing squad. We have a good squad that can challenge for honors. It’s my wish to see them doing great like they did in the first round of Chibuku Super Cup. It gives hope to us because at the end of the day all we want is trophies. My only fear is on them losing fitness and combinations due to inactivity, hopefully they will continue with that great performance. We had a good start in the Chibuku Super Cup campaign, the guys performed beyond expectations.”

Banda has noticed how youngsters are being given platform to showcase their talents.

“I’m also happy that we have our developmental side running, the results are seen through the youngsters who were promoted. It saves money as we won’t go somewhere to look for players because we have our own. The club can also generate funds buy selling those good players.”

She complemented the club for setting up replica selling points though she is still dreaming big.

“I do welcome the development of having the club selling replicas, which is also good to us. Since we are rebuilding we can applaud the management for the good work but in the near future it will be nice to have our own merchandise shop. I would like to advise my fellow supporters that the club also need our financial support, we can do that by purchasing the regalia from them.”

She appealed to fellow supporters to show their support to the club by following it’s social media platforms.

“Dynamos has a huge following it’s my wish to see it being the most followed club on social media. I appeal to my fellows to follow the club’s social media platforms to get official updates from the club and make Dembare great again. The club also need our financial support, we can do that by purchasing the regalia from them,” appealed Banda

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