Jalai’s pursuit of calendar spot

Right back Emmanuel Jalai is looking forward to a successful second Premier League season.

Jalai, 22, signed his first professional contract with How Mine where he left without kicking the ball and later joined CAPS United.

He then joined Dynamos where he had an impressive Premiership debut in 2019. Jalai was unable to play last year as there was no league action in Zimbabwe due to the  COVID19 pandemic.

“I’m looking forward to a better second Premiership season. My breakthrough came with Dynamos after failing to do so with How Mine and CAPS United.

“I signed my first professional contract with How Mine where I didn’t play after the franchise was sold to Harare City. I went on to join CAPS United with my teammate Tino Chiunye and others who are still there.

”I was still young but because of frustration I went back to AYSA (Aces Youth Soccer Academy) and put everything into training. I improved my game since I felt that I still had some aspects which still needed to be worked on. I am still working to be a better player.’’

Jalai added that although he performed well in his debut season, he regards it as a learning curve and his target is to make it on the Soccer Stars calendar .

“After a decent debut season in the top-flight, I didn’t get an accolade of any sort but I am one person who knows and acknowledges it when some have done better. I regard the 2019 season as a learning curve because I learnt a lot. Now it’s time to execute what I learnt and do better.

”The targets I have are to help the team to achieve set goals as well as making it to the calendar. Generally I’m looking forward to a better and improved season after spending a year without kicking football.” he said.

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