Gomba follows dad’s footsteps

Teenage Dynamos midfielder Hamilton Gomba is following in the footsteps of his father Carrington, who starred for the club in 2009.

“My father inspired me to start playing football when I was still at a young age. I would enjoy watching him playing and I decided to follow in his footsteps.”

He has started playing for Hwange Juniors, OT Lions Academy, Nengasha Stars but says Prince Edward Academy is the one that gave me more exposure.

”My father inspires me the most because playing football is not easy. I think I get the strength to keep moving from my father and football needs someone who is dedicated to what you are doing.

“Football has always been something in my blood, I think inherited that from my father’s side of the family.

“I’m excited to be at Dynamos I feel honoured. My dad is supporting me and I see myself surpassing his performance. I have more respect for the club and I will try my level best to showcase what’s in me. I never thought that one day I would end up playing for the most supported team in the country at this age. I am happy to be here and fulfilling my dad’s wish.” he said.”

At 18 years old, he has big career aspirations.

“My dream is to play in Europe. I would be very happy because I would have reached my target. I am still young and I still have something to prove, to be the best of the best.”


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