Chidhobha wants more

Tanaka Chidhobha says he will continue working hard and not be carried away by the praise on his debut perfomance.

Chidhobha, 20, received praised by fans for the good tactics he displayed when Dynamos beat Highlanders 2-0 in the Uhuru Cup.

The Mbare born and bred attacking midfielder  joined Dynamos in 2020 from FC Platinum Juniors after a two year stint.

“I’m excited about my debut at Dynamos which was also my first match in the top tier. I didn’t expect to perform to that extent.

“I will call this performance a confidence booster because it has really shown me that I can do it in the big league. Even though people are satisfied with what I did, I still want to work for more and do more for the team. I will continue working harder.”

He added that his background is the reason why he’s still aiming higher,

“My background is my biggest motivator because I grew up in a tough environment. When I discovered my talent I just told myself that this will take me far. Then I got a scholarship to Prince Edward High, I never thought of backtracking on football since it’s what I can do. When I think of where I come from and how I was raised I just remember that I have a lot to do and I need to work hard.

“I’m aiming for a better life hence doing all I do wholeheartedly. I will utilize this opportunity of playing for the biggest club in the country to transform me and that’s why I feel that I still need to do more. All I can do now is to stay grounded, focus on my job while pushing harder to satisfy the expectations that everyone has for me.” he said.

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